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Getting ftter

Our Mission: To make the world a healthier place, one dare at a time.

How often have you wanted to do something but been told that you can't or thought you were not capable? Often, I bet...

The story of ftter started many years ago in the backyard, as do most good ideas. A couple of friends were discussing an upcoming obstacle race and who would be brave enough to do it. Soon dares were made as to who would be tough enough to finish the race and how fit you'd need to be to do it! Some of the friends took up the fitness challenge and started training, determined to prove the rest of the group wrong. They completed the race despite all obstacles - It goes to show how much you can achieve when you really want to!

This concept evolved into the ftter that we all know and love today.

ftter helps you achieve your fitness goals by socialising them. We are not sure if that is even a word, but we do know that when you tell your friends you are going to do something, they won't let you forget and they make fun of you if you fail. Well stuff them! Let your mates know your goals and dreams and prove them wrong when you achieve them. Plus getting fitter should be fun!

Rodney Joyce's ftter profile
Rodney Joyce - CEO/Lead Architect
Self-confessed nerd who loves to surf
Sofia Oropezas ftter profile
Sofia Oropeza - UX/Designer
A keen swimmer who likes yoga
Heather's ftter profile
Heather Heurtley - Quality Assurance
Has completed multiple marathons
Jimmy's ftter profile
Jimmy Thec - Software Engineer
Loves kite-boarding and coding
Jorge's ftter profile
Jorge Ruiz - Software Engineer
Codes away happily listening to music
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