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Hey you! Want to play in my poker game?

chakitai will be there


    WendyRHey Barry...I can never RSVP....I did once and that was it...When I log on it lets me see everything but the RSVP...Grrr!!!


      pokerbrat_41Abel and I will be there on the 1st.


      • BHurdthanks for posting here. But try using the RSVP system next time so that everyone can see who is coming to the game. Plus I don't have to go add you to the list. If you need help give me a call. Just go to the FIND tab above and click Poker EVENTS... you will see our latest event posted and at the bottom is an RSVP button. You have to include something in the comment section of that dialog..... THanks!9/30/2010

      Dolores WilliamsOkay director you're the bomb.......


        Dolores WilliamsI found the error. Last nights score has not been added to Thomas' total. If I am correct he should be in 5th place with a total score of 31.53. Thanks.


          Dolores WilliamsWe should be also be documenting this on paper and on the computer because it looks like things are not accurate.


          • BHurdI have back ups of the database, so there should be no problem in the end...But I can have some transfer errors to this system..But thatLs why everyone should be logging in and checkig things...9/25/2010

          Dolores WilliamsHey Barry, I noticed that Thomas only has 5 games scored, he has played 6 like me. I hope this system is accurate.


          • BHurdthe system is accurate as for as holdng on to hat I gve it. But it only knows what Tell it. Tournament Director, the softare I use to ru thngs is the real database. I will check things out and see what did't get reecorded.9/25/2010

          Dolores WilliamsWe wil be there.


          • roxy redBut I had Kings !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!9/4/2010

          T-RevOh i just moved down by LA. A suburb called Brea. So going to Modesto would be some work lol


          • BHurdwell, I am certain you will find a game down there without much trouble!~7/22/2010

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