The Situation: You are playing a full ring $2/$4 NL Hold 'em cash game at your local casino. So far, play has been very loose, with lots of pre-flop raises and mostly multi-way pots.

Player A makes it $15 to go from middle position. The cutoff and the button, who both have deep stacks and have been calling a lot of raises in and out of position, make the call. From the Big Blind, you look down and find:
Ace of Hearts Jack of Spades
You decide to call and the flop comes
Ten of HeartsNine of HeartsAce of Spades
There is $62 in the pot and you lead out with a $50 bet. Player A folds, and both remaining players quickly call.
The turn card pairs the board with the Ten of Clubs
There is now $212 in the pot and you have $200 left in your stack.

What is your move? Do you:

a) Bet half the pot

b) Make a pot sized bet (go all in)

c) Check, with the intention of calling unless it gets bet and raised

d) Check, with the intention of folding to any large bet

e) other
Use the comment button below to tell us how you'd play it! If you'd have played it differently pre-flop or on the flop, include that in your comments.
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