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PokerDIY are looking to hire a graphics designer on a pay-per-image basis.

We want to establish a long-term relationship with you and call on your services as and when we need them.

The first requirement is to convey the purpose of PokerDIY with an image that explains what the site can offer and how the user fits in with Groups, Games and Leagues. You can read more details on this post on Digital Point. Future projects will be creating 120*120 banners for things like Upcoming Freerolls, making the site tour look a LOT nicer with pretty pictures and much more, depending on your level of involvement!

If you are a creative designer or artist, please get in touch with me. PokerDIY is growing at an astonishing rate and you have a chance to get your work noticed by thousands of people. The look we are trying to achieve is clean, crisp and "web 2.0". High-quality graphic designers only please...

This is the idea of the first image, and pretty much explains the need for the designer ;)Poker Site Explanation - HomePage
The kind of design we are looking for...  (at the moment just the image above is needed)

Example of new design

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