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Q) What do these cards have in common:

  • AK Suited
  • QQQ
  • A8
  • AK
  • J8 suited flush
  • Full house

A) These are the last 6 hands (in 6 games) that I have had in poker and have been knocked out (No limit of course) by

  • AK Suited   -> Beaten by 6 8 off suite that linked up a straight
  • QQQ  -> Other guy had 3 Q too with higher kicker
  • A8  -> beaten by KK
  • AK  -> beaten by 66
  • J8 suited flush   -> beaten by Ace nut flush
  • Full house -> beaten by quad Qs

If I believed in luck I would say I was having a run of bad luck - I seem to get given very good cards which get pipped by not so good starting cards. I think I'd rather get rubbish cards and lose than keep hitting good cards and being pipped by extraordinary hands..... Whinge whinge whinge.

Ok, good, I got that off my chest. One advantage of having your own poker blog is that you can whinge about your bad beats ;)

These results mean that I go to the bottom of the Australian Poker League (well Sydney Poker League to be precise) - from winning it for 11th months of last year to the very bottom of the poker league scoreboard - oh the shame ;)

So, without further whinging, here are the results from the last 2 sessions. It must be said that everyone is playing very well - Sandy and Lee and consistienlty placing and Dave and Morgs are also rising fast. Jeff is still Jeff....

Game Date Location Buy In Players More
Easter Friday - $20 Game 1 - Morgs Kills It April 10 Lee & Ben's Pad $20.00 7
Easter Friday - $20 Game 2 - Morgs Kills It AGAIN April 10 Lee & Ben's Pad $20.00 8
Easter Friday - $20 Game 3 - Wood would win April 10 Lee & Ben's Pad $20.00 8
Easter Friday - $10 Game 1 - Lee holds off Rods Winning Streak April 10 Lee & Ben's Pad $10.00 4
First $10 Game - Lee pips Guest Star Kelly C April 03 Lee & Ben's Pad $10.00 5
First $20 Game - Jeff holds off Dave and the gang April 03 Lee & Ben's Pad $20.00 7
Second $20 Game - Sandy Moves Up the Charts April 03 Lee & Ben's Pad $20.00 6
Third $20 Game - Sandy Moves Up the Charts AGAIN April 03 Lee & Ben's Pad $20.00 5

and the latest poker league scoreboard...

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