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If you are like me you enjoy playing several different forms of poker. I started out playing No Limit Hold Em but soon became fascinated with all the games and spent a lot of time dabbling in all of them. I primarily play all the HORSE games both in rotation and alone as well as Pot Limit Omaha. I never really got into 2-7 or anything else.

Being fascinated with all the games keeps poker fun for me but sometimes I feel like I am bouncing around too much. I think it is important to have a game you can rely on and beat with some consistency. There is nothing wrong with playing low-stakes No Limit Hold Em if you are winning money on a weekly or monthly basis.

Moving up in stakes can be like playing a whole new game at times as well. Sometimes it is good to just stay in your comfort zone for a while and play it out.

We are all going to have up and down swings being poker players. When suffering through a down swing sticking to the game you are most comfortable with and have had the most success seems like the best idea to me. I feel like my own game suffers at times because I never spend enough time focusing on any one game.

I definitely recommend playing all the games to anyone that loves poker since they are all great in their own way. However, always have a game to fall back on if things aren’t working out.

Poker is a challenging game, especially nowadays. Don’t veer away from the game that is giving you success too quickly just to jump up in stakes or play a different game.

I am going to try to narrow my own playing focus and get back to a game I can beat more consistently. The question is which one?


# pokerstudent
Wednesday, January 6, 2010 5:01 PM
i totaly agree mate, im trying to start an online league for low stakes learning different variants but i just cant seem to get the players.

im advertising it on pokerdiy but still nothing iv got more info here if you want to take part


pokerstudent (my pokerdiy username)

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