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One of the cool new features in the latest version of the PokerDIY Tourney Manager chip calculator is the ability to share your poker chipsets easily on the web.

Instead of writing it out by hand I can copy and paste it with a single click...

Actions speak louder than words, so let me just show you - I use the chip calc to work out the best starting chips stacks for my own home poker game - here is my chipset that I use:

My Poker Chipset (10 players)

Chips per Player   Total Chips & Value
20 x T5 Red (T100)   200 (T1,000)
16 x T25 Green (T400)   160 (T4,000)
5 x T100 Black (T500)   50 (T5,000)
0 x T500 Purple (T0)   0 (T0)

Chips per Player:      41 (T1,000)
Total Chips in Play:    410 (T10,000)

That's just one of the new features... let us know if you have any feature requests for it!

Check it out if you have a moment and see how it can help improve your own home poker tourneys...


# slyfox1
Monday, November 8, 2010 4:16 AM
I'm using the chip calculator every time and I love it. Can see at a glance how many chips I have left. Great feature.

# Rod
Wednesday, November 17, 2010 8:02 PM
hi Slyfox, glad you like it! We've just released some new updates for PokerDIY Tourney Manager:

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