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The latest live version of PokerDIY Tourney Manager allows even more flexibility – you can now resize anything on the timer screen and change the color and sizes of borders! It’s easiest to demonstrate with some screenshots:

Default blind timer screen:


Maybe this suits your style a little more?





How about if you using PTM in a bar league on a projector and you want to make it REALLY big? We can just close the Chips and poker tourney info window and blow up the table and blinds. We also changed the background as the other one was getting a bit boring…


Of course.. some people take it too far… but whatever floats your boat! This screenshot also shows the new progress bar that counts down as the clock ticks…  you can also change the color of the borders and assign images to the table, chip window etc.


Give it a try online now or download it free onto your computer to run offline at your next poker game.

Once you have used it a few times, please take our 1 minute survey to help us improve it and let us know what else you need!

Up next is the prizes/payouts and table balancing functionality… you’ll also be able to change font and font colors to suit your style…


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