Poker.com is the "home of online poker". With a large player base of varying abilities, exciting tables, bountiful freerolls and out of this world player support!

Poker.com offers the two most popular games Texas Holdem and Omaha. These are available in limit, pot-limit, and no-limit and table stakes vary from $0.01/$0.02 to $30/$60. They also offer play money games as well as daily and weekly freerolls with prizes totalling over $50,000 weekly.

Custom built, Poker.com software is unique and user friendly with many added extras for the players benefit. The graphics are simple and clean and the tables and lobby are colourful and filled with easy to navigate player information. As part of this software you are able to custom design your own table and tournaments which are password protected and individually created. The software also offers you a tagging option, where you are able to tag a player and follow their movements within the site. Other features of the software include the option to 'muck' your hand or hide your final hand from other players and you can even 'rabbit hunt', the only penalty is that you must show your hand to the table if choose to 'hunt'. Poker.com has revolutionary game play features unseen at any other poker site.

Poker.com Accolades - if you win a big tournament you get a customizable trophy or ribbon on your player box to show off your achievements. Stars are also awarded for regular play.

Poker.com playability in short, is excellent. Tables, lobby and cashier are a breeze to use. The functions are found quite quickly, which is great if you're new to the software and not sure where the buttons are. Expect fast loading graphics, animation and superb all round playability.

_Beginning players will love poker.com because:_

· Easy to download and play

· Added extras and support

· Unrivalled credit card security

· Offerings of particularly low limit games

· Fun play money tables

_Poker Pros will love poker.com because:_

· High-speed game action**

· Poker.com Accolades**

· High stake tournaments - that make professional poker careers**

· Awesome software ** *

Poker.com - Tournament Information*

Online poker players just love Poker.com tournaments! Free rolls at Poker.com are heavily promoted and offer generous cash prizes. They offer $50,000+ prizes in weekly free rolls including $100 free rolls every 3 hours and $10,000 guaranteed tournament every Sunday.

*Poker.com - Traffic Report* **

Real money traffic can reach somewhere between 1,100-1,200 players at peak hours.

*Poker.com - Player Competition* **

Poker.com's extensive and easy to use site attracts a plethora of players and abilities. Newbie's can enjoy sharpening their skills risk free at the low limit tables while proficient players can enjoy the sheer strategy of the game at higher stake tables. Poker.com offers various tournaments with exciting prizes, these tournaments test the skill and wit of players and can be the highlight of a poker players poker career.**

*Poker.com - Customer Service and Account Maintenance*

The support staff at Poker.com are famous for their technical knowledge and extra fast responsiveness. Support is available 24/7 by live chat & email and the staff interact with their players via the Poker.com forum and a unique admin chat feature on the tables.

· Live chat available 24/7

· Email support: [email protected]


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Sunday, March 4, 2007 2:24 PM
Hi Bobby,

What is not working?


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