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Mendota Poker Game - Almost every Saturday and Every Sunday

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Buy-In: 5-10-20-40-50 dollar buy in no limit holdem 2 dollars goes to house on 10 and up and 1 dollar on 5

Num Players: around 8 to 12 but would like to expand

Skill Level: Beginner|Average|Good

Games Played: THNL|Texas Holdem Limit


Game Date: PM for next game

Days Played: Wed|Fri|Sat

Frequency: Almost every Saturday and Every Sunday


Mendota, Illinois, Illinois

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We are tring to put together a fun and relaxing weekend game we will play about anything anyone is up to. Usualy like the no limit rebuys or tourneys 1st and 2nd pays . OPENINGS: Would like anyone interested to email me and leave email how many are coming. Rules: Play Casino or Wsop rules just like online each table has a mediator for any disagreements

do tourneys depending on crowd and what everyone is into all is no limit or pot limit games. Skill: average players both male and female welcome some newbie some more advanced

About Me: Can host games|Need players

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Maddyxx12 said:
Can I join
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