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Home Pot Limit Omaha Poker Game

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Buy-In: $70-$200

Num Players: 6-10

Skill Level: Beginner|Average|Good|Expert

Games Played: Pot Limit|Omaha|Cash Game|Tourney


Game Date: PM for next game

Days Played: Mon|Tues|Wed|Thurs|Fri|Sat|Sun

Frequency: Couple of times a Month


Raleigh, North Carolina

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Looking for some average to good players to play in my games. we play Pot Limit Omaha mostly but we're down for Hold'em.
(We got a decent poker table. we do have drink. It's low stakes. we can play cash, and 1 table SnG tournament. If you are interested plz contact me. TEXT 984-235-2239.

About Me: Looking for games|Can host games|Need players|Poker league|Cardroom/Casino

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