PokerDIY is a free poker league management site for connecting poker players. Think of it as a MySpace or Facebook for poker players. It's free too, which is always good! You can...

... and a whole lot of other stuff that would take too long to mention!

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DIY stands for Do-It-Yourself, as in Do-It-Yourself Poker League Management. If you don't believe us have a look in the Dictionary!

You can start your own poker league, find games near you and manage your own poker league - hence the DIY...

Absolutely nothing! It's free to use. You can start your own poker league, schedule games, RSVP to events and post classified ads without paying a cent. There is no catch and no place to enter a credit card number like those other kinds of sites we won't mention.

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We do offer some additional advanced features as part of our Pro plans. 95% of members will not need or want these, but they offer some cool things, like no advertising.

If you wish to help PokerDIY or want to donate to our upkeep, please check out our Pro plans and become a Player or League Pro.

No. PokerDIY is NOT an online poker site like PokerStars and the rest. PokerDIY connects poker players and allows you to manage your poker league and record results for your live or online games.

One day it may be possible to play poker tourneys on PokerDIY for league points (not for cash!) but not at the moment.

Thousands of players in hundreds of leagues around the world use PokerDIY to manage their leagues and find games and poker players.

There are mainly 2 types of users - people who host/organize poker tourneys and people who play in them. Both league hosts and poker players can benefit from PokerDIY's free service.

If you play poker with a group of people then you should consider starting a poker league and tracking your results on the league scoreboard. You can compare your results over time, track your winnings (but hopefully not losses!) and see if you really are a better poker player than jammy Benny who always wins on the river. It'll catch up with him in then end!

It's not easy running a free site, especially with the current global recession! Online advertising does not really pay the bills these days.

If you wish to donate any amount of money to PokerDIY's upkeep or show appreciation of our free service, you can help by upgrading to a PokerDIY Pro plan.

In return you can get all the benefits of being a PokerDIY Pro and know that you have helped us a lot!

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You choose who can see your profile, poker leagues, events, groups and other things you create. For example, you may want your profile visible only to friends approved by you (like this player here), or you may want to show your profile off to the whole world, like this player.

 When you create a poker league, event or group you can set it to be public or private. Public items are seen by everyone but private items are seen only by the people you choose. In other words, it's completely up to you what you want people to see on PokerDIY.

Read our Profile FAQs for more profile-related questions...

Both. PokerDIY works offline and online - you can still use it to meet other poker players, schedule online or live games and record game scores, whether they were played on the web or in your kitchen.

Yes. We do not condone gambling of any form although it's jolly good fun and if you are going to do it then you may as well make your life easier by using PokerDIY to schedule your games, find other poker players and record your results. You do NOT actually play poker on PokerDIY - think of it like a Poker Facebook - it's designed to connect poker players.

And of course, if you are going to gamble, gamble sensibly and use chips, not real money. Check the gambling laws in your country/state to make sure you stay on the right side of the law! Please read our Terms of Use if you are unsure.

PokerDIY is safe to use - we don't ever display your email, real name or contact details, even to your friends. We don't ask for your credit card number or the pin number to your bank account.

Yes! You can use our Poker Widgets to show off your poker league and profile scores on your own website, blog or Facebook Profile. Have a look at our suite of Poker Widgets or read our Poker Widgets FAQ to learn more

Yes, have a look at PokerDIY Mobile or read the mobile/iPhone FAQs.

You can record your poker league results live at the poker table on your iPhone!

Yes,here is a free web-based Blinds Timer that you can use to time the blinds. There are many free ones available and loads of different mobiles and cell-phones.

Have you seen the other FAQs on the top right of this page? Have a read of those and if you are still stuck then let us know on our forums! We love to help and love good feedback!

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